Why do it on your own?

There is something so cool about meeting people who want to do the same thing as you. This is especially true, for me, when I meet someone who wants to write.torontofilmLast night I had the privilege of answering questions at the Toronto Film School about their Writing for Film and Television program… and it was actually a blast. Sitting at the front of the room beside the ever impressive Adam Till, I found myself thinking back to a year ago when I had sat in the back row of 708 with my dad, scrutinizing every face and comment.

The people who I now call friends sat all around me, strangers. I’m trying to remember who I sat near but the whole day is a blur of paperwork and presentations.

Last night, looking at the eager faces of newbies, I found that all I wanted to do was tell them what an amazing support group they will have. When I did get around to my chance to speak, I  eagerly explained the tight-knit community of writers the program created for us. As I spoke, it was a relief to see that they were relieved. That, despite Adam’s amazing program, they needed to know that they weren’t going to be doing this alone.


That’s the thing about writers, I guess. We like everyone to believe that we’re smart and confident, that we enjoy being alone and never wonder if our ideas are any good. The thing is– we struggle just as much as anyone else, maybe even more. The industry is, simply put, a bit of a bitch. Having the support of other people who are struggling to break into the arts is the only way you’re going to get there. Well, it’s the only way you’re going to get there and keep your sanity.

If you want to write, join a writing room, join a reading troupe, join a storytellers circle. Join a writers support group (I’m a member of The Insecure Writers Support Group on Facebook and it’s awesome!).

No one ever made it to the top without a little help, so why haven’t you reached out yet?

One thought on “Why do it on your own?

  1. I’ve been pondering joining other writing groups. I’m part of IWSG, but rarely contribute there. I’ll blame laziness and funny enough, insecurity. I think I’ll take your advice and start reaching out more.

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