Why it’s Cool that Canadians Crashed the Census Server.

There have been a lot of jokes lately about how excited Canadians were to fill out the #Census2016 . By the way, it was due today.
stats I’ll be honest, when I got home and found that little notice in the mail I was pretty excited. I’m 26 years old and I’ve never filled one out before. I immediately rushed up to my apartment and opened my laptop– I couldn’t wait to tell the government what I’ve been up to.

So many Canadians felt the same way that within a few hours we crashed the server. Cue the endless jokes about how “nerdy” we are as a country.

But my question is, why is that a bad thing?

I’m incredibly proud to be Canadian. I cry when I hear O’ Canada. I always vote. I trust my government. Yes, you read me correctly.  The cool thing is, I think a lot of us do.

In a time when people like Donald Trump actually have a chance of being elected and raging civil war in Syria, I think us Canadians are really lucky. We have a leader who, despite what some may believe, is smart, capable, congenial, and (obviously) a gorgeous specimen. When people were excited to fill out the census, it really spoke to the nature of our citizens (sure, they only gave us 10 days to do it). It speaks to the fact that we have nothing to be afraid of and wherever you think our government falls short, that’s something pretty amazing.

So there it is, Canada. It’s cool to like your government, especially when you have one as awesome as we do.

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